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I never really questioned whether I would discipline my daughter. To me, spanking fell into the category of healthy discipline.

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When I was in high school I had friends over And we started to be silly and start dancing to some music. My basement. My mom came down to see how we were.

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Especially these days, many parents are led to believe spanking a toddler makes you a bad parent. There is a way to spank, and still practice good parenting.

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Two hits. Me hitting my mom's ass and my mom's ass dropping to the floor. It all started this afternoon when when she was nagging me just endlessly to vacuum.

I don't punish them because I am mad, I punish them to teach them. For me, spanking was not "last resort" discipline. It was my initial plan. My mother loved her mother, but she didn't like her very much. Mom would never say those exact words, but she openly complained about my.

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